Monday, February 23, 2009


So we had another soccer game on Saturday night. This time the results were not as pleasing. We did not win. But we did hold the other team at bay.

Them: 3
Us: 1

Hey, we scored one. And we almost scored more. That team we played, not so much a C-league team. Kind of belong on the B squad. I mentioned to another person on our team that when every player on the other team has the quad muscles of professional weight lifters, I think it is time to move up a league.

That being said. I played even though my heartburn was twisting my insides into a ball of pain and burning. Caitlin wasn't feeling too hot. Megan ate too much sushi before the game. Katie looked like a germ farm, and injured her ankle five minutes into playing, which knocked her out for the rest of the game. Sharon and Ashley kicked massive booty and were not sick or injured so power on women.

The men. Shaune wore pants. The Dimock brothers were crafty as per usual with Dimocks. Rocky kicked major balls, awesome goalie, he is. Chad and Eric were studs. And Steve's body was faster than his feet again, but still managed to dominate often.

So all in all, a good game, we kept the score down, we played like a team, and we kept the ball low.

That's what she said.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

We Won!!!!

Here are some highlights from the game

We had another game last night and had one sub per gender. And we won by six points! The other team even got an extra player for the second half of the game.

Final Score:
Us - 8
Them - 2