Monday, August 31, 2009

Self Serve wrong direction

HA HA AH AHA HA HA HAH A. We had a pretty awesome soccer game on Saturday night. The only problem our team ran into was the issue of us scoring on ourselves. Then after that we had a casualty of war, which meant no more lady subs for most of the second half. My lungs were not ready for that.

Indoor soccer is a challenge for the lazy lazy lazy person that I aspire to be. Thanks to Rocky, I was there on Saturday and was able to score my FIRST indoor soccer goal of all time! (the keeper was not present between myself and the goal) Inconsequential details should not take away from the epic awesomeness that is scoring a goal.

Also, the score, not as important as the fun and excitement of the blond girl on the other team feeling my boobies whilst trying to get the soccer ball from me. Seems like she had some sort of vendetta against our whole team, mostly for being alive. Or else she just had lots of arm spasms specifically when she wanted to get the soccer ball. Either way, not cool blond ponytail girl, not cool.

I hope the next game I go to is equally as exciting and entertaining.